Miracle5 Electrifying Power Bikes


1) Eco Friendly Way to Commute.
2) Zero Pollution.
3) No Time Waste For Filling Fuel
4) Giving Future Generations Pollution-Free World
5) Simple To Use
6) Easy To Maintain
7) No Oil and Maintenance Required.


1) Remote central lock with anti theft alarm system .
2) Rear wheel jamming.
3) Fear free from theft of vehicle.
4) One year Comprehensive insurance.
5) Ample space to carry goods.
6) Sufficient space for tool box.
7) Tension free from puncture since tube less tyres are used.


1) India’s first e-bike with front telescopic suspension.
2) Front Telescopic suspension for extra safety and smooth drive on poor roads
3) Rear twin oil filled shockups to have better rear suspension.


1) Heavy duty motor
2) Long life for motor
3) Maintenance free bike
4) Warranty on motor for 1 year
5) Warranty on controller for 1 year
6) Warranty of battery for 6 months and battery life 20000 kms
7) Saves Rs:-30,000/- in one year in comparison with petrol bikes.
8) Backed by assured after sales service.


1) Just in Rs-100/- per month ,drive for 1000 kms per month.
2) Smooth drive on Fly-over, bridges, slopes etc…
3) Excellent after sales service.
4) Better mileage of 60 kms in one charge*
5) Cost of charging just Rs:-3.75/- charging
6) Saving account for commuting.
7) Cost recovered in 18 months.


1) Unlimited peoples can use vehicle because no license and registration is required.
2) Suitable for Delivery boys for goods.
3) For Collection peoples.
4) Courier persons.
5) Ladies for dropping children’s for school, tuition.
6) For going Vegetable markets, shopping, Gardens….Short picnic for children’s etc…
7) Medical boys or representatives.
8) Home delivery services like Pizza, burger…
9) Laundry services, pigmy agents etc…..
10) School going children above 15 yrs can drive the bike.
11) Light weight and easy to use.
12) Maintenance free long service interval.