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Miracle 5 standing strong post 15 years of its Initiation

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

Many EV brands are taking over all the marketing platforms to highlight their product post this Covid-19 era as the need of affordable commuting has become quite evident and alarming. Considering the current economic crisis, many EV vehicles are being launched, although many EVs are seen to be set ablaze due to battery issues. This has been of a rising concern as the safety of these commuters is being questioned on a large scale.

While it seems that Miracle 5 is not going all frenzy with its product on a Big scale and coming up with savvy features and aesthetics like many, on the other hand it is quite well known for its record of not having even a single bike set on fire since its very initiation (i.e. 15 Years). Our services post sales are the best in entire India and vouched by our very own customers. Robust, Reliable, Frugal & Safety are the four pillars on which Miracle 5 stands strong. Miracle 5 pioneered the very EV culture in India, back in 2005. With no one else in the market to look forward to and no other professional having any idea about how to get at it, our founder & CEO Mr. Bhushan Shah started out on his own from the very scratch with his innate passion for transforming daily commuting for the common man of India. He wanted to deliver cleaner & affordable alternative to IC Engine vehicles, and the answer to which was EVs. As an idea it was way ahead of its time and the challenges put forth were complex and paradoxical but with a dedicated team and persistent effort it all came into fruition.

2006 was when we tested our 1st ever prototype and delivered our first EV in 2007. Well, it was not any close to what we had expected in the first place and was kind of a setback but nevertheless it gave us plenty of confidence & clarity about how to go about with everything. 2008 was a successful year as our EV was the first ever electric motorcycle prototype in India. An extensive R&D department and sales team were formed and as a team we worked meticulously for the next six years until 2014 to launch our 1 st manufacturing unit and our very first product “M5” in 2015.

Success after the launch of our very first product was huge and many out there were happy after switching to this affordable and clean daily commuter. Customer feedback and reviews after the launch of M5 were elating & also overwhelming. Looking at the markets prospect and the response from all the people, we further came up with three more products which were Race 60, Race 40 & Futura in 2016-17. We also were FAME approved by the end of 2018. Three new sale & service outlets were established in 2019 & in 2020 we came up Race 70 and our second owned manufacturing unit.

2021 was a benchmark with three new outlets & two more manufacturing unit opened. Financial tie-ups & two more manufacturing units were set up this year in 2022. We also expanded our team this year and look forward to launch our flagship product soon.

While other brands seem to have going at a fast pace, Miracle 5 is moving slow and steady with a strong customer base and best post sales service in India. Reliability & affordability are the prime needs of the common man and Miracle 5 believes in delivering just that, without any fancy sugar coating. We are not making much noise but definitely our products have created much needed trust in the hearts of our customers. Standing strong on our assured safety & 15-year legacy, we look forwards to bring our flagship product soon to India.

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