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    Miracle5 – The E-Bike That Generates Trust

    Miracle5 – The E-Bike That Generates Trust

    Miracle5 comes with a credible legacy of one and a half decades in the automotive industry, giving Pune its “first ever electric bike”. It is an eco-friendly brand in the domain of personal transport which is economical and has state-of-the-art features. The brand has carved its space as the most “Trustworthy” E-Bike in the electric bike manufacturing industry after originating from Pune. After having proved its mettle over the last 15 years, Miracle5 is now ready to take India by storm.

    With an impeccable customer service framework in place, Miracle5 is a brand always by people’s side. One doesn’t need to make countless calls to elicit a delayed response because this brand cherishes its customers and supports them at all times. Despite all of its technological and mechanical marvels, this E-Bike can be charged even within the convenience of one’s home. Manufactured in-house with multiple plants spread across India, Miracle5 is the unprecedented consumer favorite.

    The brand’s vision for future is to produce 10,000 bikes per month by mid-2023. The brand has seen steady growth over the past years and aims to continue this upward growth trajectory with a projected 210% growth rate. Miracle5 also plans to launch licensed motorcycles in near future. Currently, the brand has 110 dealers based across the country and aims to take this number up to 350 showrooms with 30 owned outlets, in a bid to create a more extensive pan-India presence. With an eye on the growing international market, Miracle5 also plans to extend its presence into markets like Malaysia and South Africa.

    According to Mr. Bhushan Shah, founder & CEO of Miracle5, “Miracle5 comes with a solid brand presence built on trust and dependability. We are not an E-Bike brand that came into being overnight. Our beliefs and philosophies about saving the Environment aren’t based on a new trend; they have laid the foundation of who we are today. Our electric bikes (Futura, Race 70, Race 80 and Miracle5) use rechargeable batteries that offer low cost, energy-efficient, and emission-free transportation – enabling lower dependency on fuels and cleaner air quality.”

    Sharing some of the exciting features of the Miracle5, Mr. Virat Shah, Managing Director said, “Miracle5 electric bikes were India’s first e-scooters to feature front telescopic suspension for better shock absorbent tendencies. Our motors are specially designed for more efficient, longer rides that require minimal maintenance given that they are electrically wired and not petrol based.”

    “In an industry experiencing technological upheaval and innovation, moving towards E-Mobility via Electric Vehicles (EVs) has unlimited potential,” said Ms. Kavita Bhoite who heads the brand, marketing, and Corporate Communications for the brand. “With our robust expansion plans in place, Miracle5 is looking at augmenting its presence in a planned manner across both tier 1 and 2 cities.”

    While the country is trying to lower its dependence on crude oil imports, Miracle5, is seen as the flag bearer in propagating the use of sustainable energy. The brand has catalyzed a movement of conscious consumerism backed by stalwart technology, sustainability, brand loyalty, and trust.

    About Miracle5

    Miracle5 stands for trust and faith in the field of electric bikes, having made the first-ever E-Bike for the bustling city of Pune. This brand has a credible legacy of one and a half decades of bike and spare part manufacturing. It is the best in class and service and is known for its long-lasting battery life. The brand has zealous plans to expand its product portfolio, national presence, and international footprint. Miracle5 promises to be a brand worth watching out for.