Miracle5 Electrifying Power Bikes

 Miracle 5 ELECTRIC BIKES in India, is in field of automobiles since 1992,   is known for its product quality and excellent after sales customer service. This expertise was useful for introducing the best e bike suitable for Indian road and consumers.

Electric scooters and bikes must be used in India at large, the main cause to promote the bike is to make Pune and India into a pollution free city .One electric bike used saves 18 kilo grams of pollution in the city. To overcome pollution Miracle 5 saw a very demanding market of electric scooters and bikes and started manufacturing in the brand name of Miracle 5. In India all the cities are under development and there is no mass transporting system at large and the current market of two wheelers is around 8 million vehicles per anum even if the electric bikes market is taken the 5 % share of the market this will be a huge figure. To initiate with the user friendly bikes we incorporated with this brand. We are India’s first company to have own designed electric motorcycle.

The main aim of the company is to create the awareness and benefits of use of electric bikes to general consumer. Even if each home has one bike, the pollution could be considerably controlled. So let’s become a part of revolution and stop pollution. We at Miracle 5  ensure you the best design, comfort, quality and assured after sales service and spare parts support. The Bike is available in 7colour variants, viz. Metallic Red, Metallic Blue, Black, Metallic Silver, Metallic Grey and Pure White and yellow.


The ‘Go Green’ bikes
Jitendra Shah of Pune, who makes electric two-wheelers, is confident that the fancy for e-bikes will increase in India with rising fuel costs and the damage that petrol vehicles cause to the environment, reports Huned Contractor