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Welcome to the Miracle5 Electric Bikes & Scooters


Giving you an Edge on the STREETS!


Aluminum Alloy wheel
with Disc Brakes




LED Lights


Portable Battery Options Available


Speed Mode & Reverse Option


Anti-theft Alarm System


Futura NX White

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Mr. Bhushan Shah


Happy Costumer

Best post-sales service in INDIA. Vouched by our very own customers. 

A Message From Our Founder

Pioneering EV Culture
In India

We initiated back in 2005, pioneering the EV culture in India. It was my innate passion which made me see through the challenges to bring EVs in Indian Market.

Our philosophy, “High Power – High Savings”, on which FUTURA NX is conceptualized and designed comes directly from what consumers want. I am certain, that FUTURA NX shall transform the future of two-wheeled mobility. FUTURA NX driven with clean energy shall offer unmatched power and very affordable commuting to our consumers.
I am excited to present to you all our flagship product FUTURA NX.

What we wanted to do ?

Our mission to make vehicles more friendly for our planet

Pollution and increasing fossil fuel prices are alarming and are of a rising concern in the context of our Economy & Health as quality of air is adversely affected. Finding a solution towards this, we came up with our Miracle 5 which is not just light on the pockets but also a cleaner alternative for making our planet EARTH green.    

Government of India is trying to convert 30% of new vehicle sales into EVs by 2030.
Carbon emissions will be reduced by a billion tones by 2030
EVs are a major contributor in making planet Earth GREEN!
Vehicle sales roars.
Government support.

We are near you

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Location Placement of Shri Vittal Miracle

Our Services

Online Spare Parts

100% availability of Spare parts as per requirement.

On Call Assistance

SERVICE, Just a call away.

Roadside Assistance

Exclusive roadside assistance by our insurance partners, providing 100% peace of mind.

Complimentary Check up

Schedule FREE checkups.

Cashless Insurance

Nationwide cashless Insurance.

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Miracle 5 standing strong post 15 years of its Initiation

Many EV brands are taking over all the marketing platforms to highlight 
their product post this Covid-19 era as the need of affordable commuting has become quite evident and alarming.


One small step towards a greater change

We believe that electric vehicle are the best solution to climate change but is it true that electric vehicles are safe for the environment if yes, then how?

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